Winter in the Valley

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Winter In The Valley

Hey Everyone, I’m Robby McClung the founder and race director for the Canaan Valley Half Marathon. At heart I’m a ski bum and that is ultimately how my family and I ended up here in Canaan Valley and it’s also where my skiing journey began. “Winter In The Valley” will serve as a hub for all things skiing, snowboarding and winter here in Tucker County, West Virginia. Beginning late summer we are hoping to have a separate site completed and I will begin posting articles and blog posts about skiing and snowboarding as we begin dreaming about winter again. I will be publishing a weekly ski report and update on conditions for Canaan Valley Ski ResortTimberline Mountain, and Whitegrass as well as articles and photos about conditions and happenings starting this year for the 2020/2021 ski season. I will also be launching a separate Social Media Accounts so please follow along with us there as well! 

So in the meantime while our website is under construction please follow us on Social Media and subscribe to the “Winter In The Valley” email list to receive our weekly ski report/newsletter as well as other great articles! Lots of great content and information will be coming soon! See you on the slopes! 

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