Timberline Mountain Ski Resort

Timberline Mountain Ski Resort in Canaan Valley, West Virginia beckons skiers and snowboarders to its of skiable terrain replete with 37 trails and 1,000 feet of vertical drop. Topping out at 4,268 feet of elevation, this nook of the Allegheny Mountains is the perfect destination for beginners and experts alike. And if you’re visiting Timberline for the first time, there’s never been a better time.

Founded in 1982, Timberline Mountain Ski Resort was long heralded as the more rustic, homier alternative to nearby Canaan Valley Resort and the slightly further Snowshoe Mountain Resort, but, over time, simplicity gave way to decay until the resort was forced to shut its doors for the 2019-2020 season. It was uncertain whether the resort would recover, but Perfect North Slopes, a family-owned and operated ski area in Indiana, recently acquired the resort at auction. 

In short order and amidst a pandemic, Perfect North Slopes has invested $10 million dollars in capital improvements with the goal to open for business by Thanksgiving 2020, if weather cooperates. 

What’s New at Timberline Mountain?

While there are almost too many new features to mention, the top of the list is the addition of a Doppelmayr six-passenger speed lift, the first of its kind anywhere in West Virginia. This new lift will reduce what has been a 20 to 30 minute chairlift ride to a lightning fast five to six minutes. With the additional capacity to seat six people per chair, you’ll never have to wait in line for a chairlift. A second Doppelmayr four-passenger lift has been installed mid-mountain, and a new beginner’s slope with Magic Carpet lift can be found east of the main lodge. 

That’s only the beginning! Seventy-five (yes, 75) new SMI PoleCat Snow Guns have been installed across the mountain. Timberline receives 150 inches of natural snowfall each winter, but if Mother Nature takes a day off, this fleet of snowmaking machines will ensure your weekend adventure continues. 

Of course, snow guns are only half the story when it comes to this resort’s commitment to ensuring the best snow in the region. Their brand-new snow grooming fleet includes a Polar 600 Pisten Bully and a Winch Cat for high-powered snow management. The corduroy will be divine!

The main lodge is getting lots of love, too. An enormous single-level deck has just been constructed allowing guests a spacious bird’s eye view of the slopes. Inside, the cafeteria is being completely overhauled, as are the rental shop and bathrooms. 

One of the most innovative additions is a specially designed ticketing window that can be accessed from both inside and outside. Utilizing the latest technology, Timberline Mountain Ski Resort is implementing an RFID lift ticket pass that may be reloaded online before each trip. These are just a couple of the many modifications the new owners have put in place to accommodate social distancing into the foreseeable future. For vacationers seeking a safe, outdoor adventure where contact with others can be limited as much as possible, Timberline Mountain Resort has you covered. 

Best of the Past

Not everything at Timberline Mountain Ski Resort is brand new. All the best features and amenities of the resort have been preserved for continued enjoyment. The Salamander Trail, a wide, two-mile-long, meandering trail is a great place to warm up your ski legs. And, of course, the technical gladed terrain that seasoned skiers and snowboarders covet most at Timberline is waiting for the first heavy snowfall. This resort is known for having the best sections of glade of any of West Virginia’s ski destinations. 

Timberline also offers full-service ski and snowboard rental as well as lessons led by certified instructors. Learners of all ages and abilities are welcome, and several disciplines, including tele-skiing and cross-country skiing, are available. 

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