What is a Quarter Marathon

What is the Quarter Marathon?

Have you already run your first 5 or 10k? The quarter marathon may be the next race you set your sights on. 

In the following sections, we outline exactly what a quarter marathon is and the differences between it and other races. Let’s take a closer look!

What is the Distance of a Quarter Marathon?

A quarter marathon is 10.55 kilometers or 6.55 miles.

Occasionally, you may see a quarter marathon advertised with a range anywhere between 10 and 15 kilometers. 

For some, it’s a stepping stone between a smaller distance and a half marathon.

 It’s a bit more than 5 or 10 kilometers – but at the same time, it isn’t a huge jump. And if you want to train for a full marathon eventually, it gets you a quarter of the way there.

What Distance is a Quarter Marathon

A Quarter Marathon vs. Other Races

Surprisingly, most quarter marathons don’t have any kind of elite class. This means there aren’t any awards, championships, or records, which sets it apart from other races. This also means it’s purely for fun – for everyone. 


This takes the pressure off, while allowing you to build up your distance and increase the pace of your stride. You get the opportunity to solely focus on you and your goals (which should be your focus in each and every race anyway).


And while there aren’t that many quarter marathon races, there are variations of it. As mentioned, some individuals consider their quarter marathon as a race anywhere between 10 and 15 kilometers or 6.2 and 9.32 miles. 


Worldwide, there are various 10k races and 15k races. By signing up for these, you get that much closer to your goal of a half or full marathon. 

What Else Should You Know About?

Typically, training is very similar to that of a 10k race. However, before your quarter marathon, you will want to run the full distance. This means potentially running 11k a few times before race day. If the race is closer to 15k, you will want to plan accordingly and surpass the 15k mark before race day. 


Usually, training is about eight to ten weeks. However, if you are coming off of a recent 10k, this may be much less. 


For 15 kilometer distances, you should plan for 12 weeks of training. Again, this may be less if you’ve already been running substantial distances. Find a training plan that is suitable to your situation and your goals.


Throughout training, it’s also always a good idea to incorporate longer runs, easy runs, interval runs, and cross-training, such as cycling, swimming, and weight lifting. You may also want to experiment with gels, Gatorade, or other energy boosters to help you easily pass that 10k mark.


All in all, this distance offers an excellent alternative to another 10-kilometer race or jumping straight into a half marathon. In fact, it might be exactly what you need to reach your bigger racing goals. 


Do your research and find a quarter marathon race that interests you. Then, register and get training!