What I Love About Running the story of Lokesh Kumar Meena
Photo Provided by Lokesh Kumar Meena

What I Love About Running – Lokesh Kumar Meena


I would like to take the time to introduce Lokesh Kumar Meena, our second runner to be featured for one of our “What I Love About Running” Blog posts. Everything takes longer in a COVID world and I have actually had this article for over 2 months. 


When I first launched the Canaan Valley Half Marathon social media back in 2018 I happened to notice Lokesh liking our posts, and then couldn’t help but notice he himself posted many pictures of Blackwater Falls, Dolly Sods and the surrounding area. Through Instagram we have become friends and I have personally found his pictures and dedication towards running inspiring.


So here’s Lokesh’s story…

Where are you from? Where do you live now?


I am from India. I lived in Montgomery County from 2014 – September 2019 (5+ years) when I was deployed with the Embassy of India in D. C. I have a very deep connection with the running community around DMV and beyond. Currently I am in India (New Delhi). 


How Old Are you?


Now I am 33 years old and I started running sometime later part of 2014 to lose weight as I was close to 200 pounds weight. 

Lokesh Kumar Meena
Photo Provided by Lokesh Kumar Meena

Any Fun Facts About Yourself? 

I started running to lose weight but I ended up making onto Team India for World Trail Championships held in Spain and also set an Asian Record with 2 National Records. I also ran a 17:09 for 5k. 

How did you get started Running? 

After joining the Indian Embassy, I saw people running throughout the day in D.C.  and they seemed very fit and happy. I was like man I should also give myself a chance if that kind of thing is even possible for me!! 

Have you ever run any races? If so, which distances?

So far I have finished more than 300 races from Mile to 50 Miles. Yes, 300 plus races and that looks like another Indian record.  The first one was in September 2015 (Kensington 8k) and after that, I was stoked about racing and running in particular.  I ran 123 races in 2017 alone. 

What’s your favorite Distance Race?

I think I like all the distances because of different reasons. Each distance has its own charm. Like 5ks hurt a lot (LOL). 

Favorite Race you have Run to Date? 

Jarmans Invitational Marathon (30 miles with about 7600 ft climb. It starts at noon at 12:01 pm) in august heat and humidity. Luckily I won it. If you see its page on UltraSignup you will see it all. 

Do you currently have any Running Goals? 

Nothing in particular. My focus right now is to focus on my form and to run healthy and injury-free. 

Lokesh Kumar Meena
Photo Provided by Lokesh Kumar Meena

What Gear do you use – Shoes, GPS Watches, Hydration Packs, Etc?


These days shoes, T & short. I use a watch when I am running at a new place. These days I go by feeling and being grateful.

Where Do you prefer to Run? Road, Trail, Both?


I love trails & mountains,  in between some roads. 

What do you love About Running? 


Pre-COVID, I love meeting new people, camaraderie, it makes me feel strong. These days I go to mountains in my hometown. We have a lot of history and with the trail running I am connecting the dots. It has been an amazing time learning about the past. 


Anything you want to add? 


I just love running. After moving back to India last year, I am trying to motivate people to start running & live a healthy life and helping runners who are finding it difficult. Running is like a therapy for me. 

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