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The Joy of Running in the Rain

The Joy with Running in the Rain


There are those runners that will look outside and if there are raindrops falling, they put away their running shoes for the day. It’s like they are the Wicked Witch and frightened to get a little wet. For some reason, quite a few people avoid running in the rain entirely. If you are one of these runners, you don’t know what you are missing out on! Running in the rain can be an enjoyable change to your ordinary workout. You just have to know the ins and outs of it before you fully commit to making it a permanent part of your routine on those rainy days. 


Is It Okay to Run in the Rain?

If you are prepared and know what you are getting yourself in to, it is completely safe to run in the rain. (Just make certain that your running shoes have the right tread on them otherwise you could be a slipping and sliding disaster.) It would be a very good idea to wear reflective clothing though so cars out on the road can see you. However, if it is lightning and you hear thunder loud enough to make you jump, it is time to head back indoors. Running in the rain can be awesome, but getting struck by lightning would sure be a downer. 


Why Should I Do It?

Running in the rain can be so much fun and will provide you a totally different workout than running while the sun is beaming down on you. Plus, if you are a competitive runner that regularly participates in marathons and 10ks, you can never be sure the sun will be out on race days. You need experience running in different weather conditions otherwise you are setting yourself up for fail. 


The 122nd Boston Marathon was not only rainy with standing water accumulating on the road, but it was also quite chilly. Those that only trained in the best weather conditions were not ready for such a dreadful day. To put it simply, if you fail to train in the rain, then you train to fail. 


Dress Appropriately

There seemed to be nothing more fun than running outside when we were kids in a downpour. It is time to bring back that child-like enjoyment during your run.


A key part of enjoying the rain during your run is to wear the right clothes. For one, you won’t want to wear your best running shoes as you splash your way down the road. Plus, don’t wear anything baggy. It will start clinging to you when it gets fully wet. Wear something form-fitting instead. And if you are worried about what your hair will look like all matted down, throw on a cap or even a beanie. 


Embrace the Cool Temperature

When running on a warm day, it doesn’t take too long before the high temperature seems to start sapping your strength away. The mugginess that comes with high humidity is not something that most runners enjoy. It feels good to sweat while running. It is totally another thing to feel like you are melting. 


Running in the rain makes it feel like you are fully encased in your own private air-conditioned bubble. It may just end up with you achieving a better time than normal since the heat won’t make you feel worn down too early.

Enjoy the Peacefulness

Rain seems to bring about peace and tranquility when you are running out in the country. It just makes the world seem like a better place to be in. It can wash away all the troubles that appear to be present in everyone’s life right now. (Of course, if you are running in a town with traffic while it is raining, it can make the streets seem even more hectic.) Choose the right location to run while it is raining and it will be an enlightening experience.  


Put Your Devices in a Plastic Bag

Don’t count on your $500 phone to be safe and dry in your front pocket. If you are like most runners, we enjoy listening to music while getting your training in. You are probably streaming that music from your phone to your wireless earbuds. And even though they may claim that your phone is water-resistant, why risk it. Put all of your electronics into a plastic bag and seal it correctly. 


Bring a Change of Socks Just In Case

It may be a little drizzle when you first head out the door on your run, but it could turn into a deluge if you are just born unlucky. And while you can continue to run in it, dry socks would feel a whole lot better than soaked ones. Plus, wet socks can form blisters if you are not careful. A couple of badly placed blisters could keep you from running for a few days. Bring an extra pair of socks just in case you would like to change into them. It would only take a minute to stop and throw them on. 


Watch the Chafing

The inner thighs are a pretty common area to chafe when you are running. It can get even worse when you are running in wet conditions. But don’t let that deter you. Rub some Vaseline or something similar on any areas that could start chafing during a wet run. It will provide the relief you are looking for. 


Love the Rain

Rather than worry about how the rain is going to ruin your run, you should really learn to love the rain. Have you ever seen Gene Kelly in the classic film Singin’ in the Rain? In the movie, he puts on a dancing routine while it is downpouring on the streets that will have you cherishing getting rained on once again. Life is all about carrying the right attitude with you. If you always find the bad in things when they aren’t quite perfect, you really need to change how you look at things. Before long, not only will the rain not bother you, but neither will all the little irritating things that can creep up throughout most days. 

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Ryan Crawley

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