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Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Fenix 6

There are all sorts of smartwatches on the market that help you track stats when you run, and Garmin is killing it in the field. With so many fantastic watch options, it’s essential to know each one’s features, so you know what will best track your workouts. 

Let’s take a look at the Garmin Forerunner 745 versus the Fenix 6 to see which one is best for your needs.


Garmin has a stellar reputation since first launching navigational systems in 1989, and they kept it up when they introduced wearable technology. While both are great watches, you should consider multiple specs before choosing the Forerunner 745 vs Fenix 6.


Outlining the newly released Garmin Forerunner 745 vs. Fenix 6 includes going over each watch’s features. We will be comparing what they have in common and rating which one is the best for runners. Most importantly, you’ll decide how to pick which watch is best for your lifestyle.

Garmin Forerunner 745


Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar


Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Fenix 6

We’ll start with an overview of both the Forerunner 745 and the Fenix 6 and their respective specs.

Garmin Forerunner 745 

Garmin’s Forerunner series is made specifically for runners and multi-sport athletes, so the special features are tailored to that audience. It’s a great watch to use whether you’re just getting started with workouts and tracking data, or you’ve been doing it for years. The watch is user-friendly for beginners but offers enough information for the most experienced runners.

This watch gives performance athletes detailed training stats and on-device workouts tailored to your specific goal. Runners, cyclists, and swimmers can benefit from the stats that are tracked on this watch. For swimmers, the Forerunner 745 even tracks underwater heart rate and swim strokes.

The design of the Forerunner 745 is classic and simple. It has a 1.2-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. The glass is Corning Gorilla Glass DX, making it incredibly durable. The Forerunner 745 comes in four colors: black, tropic (green), red, and whitestone.

The battery life for the Forerunner 745 is broken down according to how you use the watch.

  • In smartwatch mode, the battery can last one week.
  • In GPS mode, the battery can last 16 hours.
  • In GPS mode while streaming music, the battery will last about 6 hours.


  • Smaller and lighter than other watches Garmin offers.
  • Incident detection service that calls for help if you’re lost or hurt on a trail.
  • Stats like ground contact time and stride length to help you analyze your efficiency.
  • Sensors include GPS, heart rate monitor, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, Pulse Ox, accelerometer, thermometer.


  • Smaller screen (1.2 inches in diameter) than other Garmin tracker models.
  • Decreased battery life and no battery saving modes.
Fenix 6 Forerunner 745 side by side

Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin’s Fenix 6 really caters to outdoor adventurers, from the watch’s battery life to the sturdy design. It includes mapping and navigational features to keep you on the right path. Widgets keep your data sorted and help you find all the stats you need to evaluate your workouts. The Fenix 6 is good for tracking stats relating to running, hiking, climbing, and swimming. 


The Fenix 6 has a mapping program that pulls data from apps like Strava and Komoot to give more details about your location, but it’s still not as detailed as a phone’s operating system map would be. The watch’s maps will show you marked roads and trails, as well as landmarks and places of interest, but if you go off-trail, you’ll probably have to rely more on the compass.


The Fenix 6 has a 1.3-inch screen with a resolution of 260 x 260 pixels. Like the Forerunner 745, the Fenix 6 uses durable Corning Gorilla Glass. The Fenix 6 has a classic look—silver with a black band, but you can buy different bands if you want to mix things up.


The battery life for the Fenix 6 is broken down according to how you use the watch.

  • In smartwatch mode, the battery lasts up to two weeks.
  • In GPS mode, the battery can last 36 hours.
  • When you turn on max battery GPS mode, the battery lasts up to 72 hours.
  • In GPS mode while streaming music, the battery lasts 10 hours.


A major plus for this model is the ability to turn on battery saving mode.

  • In Expedition GPS Activity Mode, the battery lasts an incredible 28 days!
  • When you turn on Battery Saver Watch Mode, the battery lasts a whopping 48 days!


  • Long battery life with new battery saver modes.
  • Screen is 260 x 260 pixels, up from 240 x 240 pixels.
  • Daily data is presented in an overview format instead of making you hunt for it.
  • Sensors include GPS, heart rate monitor, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, Pulse Ox, accelerometer, thermometer.


  • Maps only show major trails and roads, not off-road terrain.
  • More expensive than other Garmin watches.

Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Fenix 6 Face to Face

When considering the Garmin Forerunner 745 vs. Fenix 6, it’s worth checking out what features they have in common. They have the same tracking ability for sleep, stress, and activity levels, which is the baseline of what you’d want in this type of wearable technology.


The Forerunner 745 and Fenix 6 both include PacePro, which analyzes your pace in real-time, considering your elevation and ideal pacing. PacePro then gives you advice on how to increase or decrease your pace to have the most efficient run. It takes all the thinking out of your training because you can input data and be told how to best complete your workout.


PacePro is used through the Garmin Connect app and gives you access to races and courses made by other users. You can use this data to push yourself to finish faster than other users or to pace yourself right alongside them. 


Both watches give you the option to stream music, though it affects the battery lives differently. The Forerunner 745 and Fenix 6 also both allow you to set up Garmin Pay. Now there’s no reason to take a phone on your run, because you have all you need on the Forerunner 745.


The Fenix 6 and Forerunner 745 also both have incident detection service for safety and tracking. When this option is activated in GPS mode, Garmin Connect will send automated text messages and emails to your emergency contacts listing your GPS location. This built-in safety net is a bonus for runners who like to go off the beaten path.


When it comes to size, the Fenix 6 being larger and heavier, but the differences are minor:

  • The Forerunner 745’s height and width are 43.8 x 43.8 mm. Its thickness is 13.3 mm. It weighs 47 g.
  • The Fenix 6’s height and width are 47 x 47 mm. Its thickness is 14.7 mm. It weighs 57 g.


The price point on these two watches differs quite a bit, so consider your budget along with all the watches have to offer.

  • The Fenix 6 starts at $600.
  • The Forerunner 745 starts at $500.


When you look at the stark features and facts of both watches side by side, the clear winner is the Fenix 6. If you can invest in this watch, you should! It offers everything you could want in a fitness tracker, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer.

The Fenix 6 is a great way for budding athletes to jump into tracking their data while still giving themselves a lot of room to grow. You can keep up to seven days of solid data or 200 hours of activity data on the watch. It also keeps track of your personal records, so you can push yourself to beat your previous goals.

Garmin Foreruner 745 vs Fenix 6 Side View

Garmin Forerunner 745 vs Fenix 6 Stand out Features

Let’s see what sets the Garmin Fenix 6 apart from the Garmin Forerunner 745 so you can make the right choice before you make this investment.

  • Size: While the Forerunner 745 is smaller and lighter than the Fenix 6, the Fenix 6 has a streamlined design that is comfortable to wear whether you’re working out or running errands.
  • Colors: Though the Fenix 6 comes only in silver and black, you can buy your own bands in any color to replace the standard one.
  • Water resistance: While both watches are marketed to multi-sport athletes, the Fenix 6 has 10 ATM water resistance, compared to only 5 ATM on the Forerunner 745. 
  • Weather data: Fenix 6 offers killer data for hikers. The barometric trend indicator gauges your altitude and warns you about oncoming storms. This feature helps you alter your workout so you can get to safety.
  • ClimbPro: This app on the Fenix 6 senses your ascension as soon as you begin climbing, and the screen changes over to show your vertical speed. It factors this data into your planned route and helps you determine your pacing to stay on track.
  • Phone Pairing: You can pair your Fenix 6 with your Android phone to get alerts and respond to messages. You can change your notification settings so they won’t pop up and disrupt you when you’re working out.
Pros and Cons of the Garmin Forerunner 745 vs the Fenix 6

Garmin Forerunner 745


Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar



After reviewing both products, it’s easy to see that both the Forerunner 745 and the Fenix 6 are solid fitness watches. Stand-out features make them both different enough that you need to know exactly what you want to get out of your device.

Use the Forerunner 745 if…

  • You’re a performance athlete and need the detailed stats tracker. If you need a watch to analyze your workout and training data, then this is the watch for you.
  • You want on-device workouts and trails prepped for you using PacePro.
  • You’re gearing up for a big run or competition and want to track your progress, and also use apps to help you figure out how to up your pace.

Use the Fenix 6 if…

  • You prefer outdoor adventures. This is a rugged watch with a sturdy screen and a 10 ATM water resistance.
  • You need a longer battery life. Besides having an impressive battery life, the Fenix 6 has battery saving modes that will keep you from worrying about losing your data when you’re running in nature.
  • You want to be able to stay outside longer without needing to carry your phone. Pairing the watch with your Android phone will help you stay in the loop with your message and call notifications. Detailed maps, trackers, and incident detection will keep you secure.

Before investing in one of these wearable fitness trackers, decide what type of athlete you are, what you’ll mostly use the watch for, and how it will help you grow and become a more accomplished athlete. 

Working out and reaching your full potential is based on your strength and determination, but the Garmin Forerunner 745 and Garmin Fenix 6 are both great tools that can help you manage and reach your fitness goals.

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