Planting Red Spruce

Red Spruce Planting Canaan Valley Half Marathon Donates $1 for each runners to local efforts

The Red Spruce play a vital role in our local ecosystem as well as in carbon sequestration. This year to help offset the carbon footprint of the Canaan Valley Half Marathon, 10k & 5k and help restore our forests we will be donating $1 per runner towards local Red Spruce planting efforts. More information coming in early February. 

Tucker Community Foundation

Tucker Community Foundation's Run For It 5k in Davis West Virginia

INSPIRED BY THE FLOOD OF ’85, a group of individuals endeavored to create a local philanthropic organization. Twenty-five years on, the Tucker Community Foundation exemplifies the impact of rural philanthropy.


We believe we have the duty to properly steward all donations that are received by the Foundation for the community. We must use the donations to create resources and benefits now, tomorrow and long into the future.

We are a motivational model for a sounder, more productive future through commitment to our community: teaching giving without expecting monetary return.

We believe that promoting and protecting our heritage is so important it should be a part of all decision-making within the Foundation. We define our heritage as:

  • Our social and cultural environment

  • Self efficiency coupled with an intense sharing motivation

  • Family values

  • Community spirit

  • Natives frequently returning to the community

  • Sense of belonging

  • Rural freedom

We believe in high standards of conduct and ethics; in being open and honest with the community, donors, foundation grantees and ourselves; that avoiding conflict of interest in both acts and appearance is of the utmost importance; and that communicating our values to the public is an important part of our organization and its service to the community.

We believe in being open minded and we value the knowledge gained from the opinions of all people.

We believe that all actions taken by the Foundation must yield the greatest benefit for the communities we serve.